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Board of directors

The Central Florida Health Board of Directors is the volunteer governing body of The Villages® Regional Hospital.

  • Gregory R. Lewis, Chairperson

  • Roger A. Beyers, Vice Chairperson

  • Diane B. Spencer, Secretary

  • Lindsey M. Blaise, Treasurer

  • Shahbaz A. Cheema, MD

  • Russell J. D'Emidio

  • Don V. Hahnfeldt

  • Shivakumar S. Hanubal, MD

  • George E. Kainz, MD

  • George F. McCabe

  • H. Marlene O'Toole

  • Kenneth A. Sampong, MD

  • David L. Sustarsic, MD

  • Amanda J. Wettstein

  • Robert Q. Williams, Esq.

  • Lynne S. Winker

Medical staff officers at The Villages® Regional Hospital

  • Jose Rosado, MD, President

  • Sandeep Thaper, MD, Vice President