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Healthcare transparency

At Central Florida Health, we know that healthcare can sometimes be confusing. When people have the information they need before receiving medical treatment, they become smart and happy consumers. The more accurate and comprehensive the information, the better healthcare works. This is healthcare transparency. Our goal is to help you understand your options, care, and bills from Central Florida Health and other healthcare providers.

Important information for our patients:

  • Patients may request estimated charges.
  • Other providers may bill the patient separately for services performed.
  • Providers may not participate with facility insurers (out-of-network).
  • Patients should contact practitioners to determine network status.

To see the average payments for over 200 service bundles on the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) price transparency site, click here. The service bundles include all components of care, including physician, ancillary and hospital payments. The average payment data is based on claims data submitted on non-Medicare and non-Medicaid member health care encounters by health plans.

  • The service bundle information is a nonpersonalized estimate of costs that may be incurred by the patient for anticipated services and that actual costs will be based on services actually provided to the patient;
  • Patients have a right to request a personalized estimate from the hospital;
  • Patients should contact the health care providers anticipated to provide services to the patient while in the hospital to obtain a personalized estimate of their costs, their billing practices and whether they participate in the patient’s health plan.

Financial assistance policy

The Central Florida Health financial assistance program was established to help patients with limited financial resources to pay for care provided to them.

Our patient financial services team can help you determine your eligibility for the financial assistance program. As a part of the eligibility process, you will be asked to provide a confidential financial statement and income certification (including a credit report and other documents necessary for verifying income).

Click the links below to obtain additional information regarding Central Florida Health's financial assistance program.

To determine if you are eligible, or if you have questions, please call 352.323.5040.

Charity care policy

It is the policy of Central Florida Health (CFH) to provide emergency care to all patients regardless of ability to pay. CFH hospitals allocate resources to identify charity cases and provide uncompensated care based upon the information submitted at the time of application for charity care by patients or their legal representative or through the use of other criteria-based methods to determine charity eligibility.

Charity adjustments may only be granted to patients receiving non-elective care. Charity adjustments may be applied to approved accounts for uninsured and underinsured patients based on the patient’s total gross family income (family unit) and the patient’s willful cooperation in applying for Medicaid or other available coverage.

To qualify for charity care at CFH, one must meet established medical necessity, identification, income and assets (for medical indigence), and residency criteria.

To learn more about Central Florida Health’s Charity Care policy, contact us at 352.323.5660.

Billing collections payment policy

Central Florida Health Patient Financial Services (PFS) performs the billing, collection and accounts reconciliation processes for all services rendered at The Villages® Regional Hospital.

For questions regarding a hospital bill, patients and/or guarantors may contact:
Phone: 352.323.5090

Accepted health plans

We accept the following plans, provider networks and government programs:

**If your insurance company is not listed above, please contact your insurance provider directly to negotiate an individual letter of agreement with our hospital so you can receive your care with us.

**Patients should always contact their Health Plan before any elective procedure to ensure they are covered.

The above list is for reference purposes only and is subject to change. Check with your health plan to confirm that our hospital is included. We may participate in some, but not all, products offered by a health plan. For questions about insurance coverage or specific plan products including Medicare and Alliance Labs, please contact your insurance carrier directly.

All Medicare Advantage Payerssplit billing except Blue Cross Blue Shield

Price estimates

In an ongoing effort to make it easy for our patients to estimate the cost of their future visit to one of our facilities, price estimates for procedures offered at The Villages® Regional Hospital are available in the links below. This information is intended to provide you with an approximation of your financial responsibility for the services you will receive. Since healthcare needs vary from patient to patient, your charges may be different depending on the medical services provided to you and ordered by your physician. You should contact your health insurer or HMO (health maintenance organization) for anticipated cost sharing responsibilities.

Please be aware the estimate provided covers hospital services only; it does not include professional fees for services provided by independent practitioners, such as pathologists, radiologists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, emergency room physicians or other specialists. These practitioners bill separately from the hospital and you can contact them directly for pricing information; their contact information is available under the tab below entitled, “Provider groups under contract with the hospital.”

Central Florida Health will provide a written estimate for hospital services to anyone requesting an estimate within seven (7) days after the request. Information provided is an estimate of charges associated with the procedures and diagnoses and does not account for unforeseen complications or additional healthcare conditions that may increase the cost of care. The estimates will be made available either electronically or via written correspondence. Patients and potential patients may request a specific estimate, based upon their physician's order by contacting us at 352.323.5660.

Download PDF version of Master List of Charges
Download a CSV version of Master List of Charges

Download PDF version of Estimates for Inpatient Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG's)
Download CSV version of Estimates for Inpatient Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG's)

Download PDF version of Estimates for Outpatient Procedures
Download CSV version of Estimates for Outpatient Procedures

Download PDF version of Average Charge Per Diagnosis Related Group (DRG)
Download CSV version ofAverage Charge Per Diagnosis Related Group (DRG)

Download PDF version of Pharmacy Pricing Information
Download CSV version of Pharmacy Pricing Information

Provider groups under contract with the hospital

265 Brookview Centre Way
Suite 400
Knoxville, TN 37919

Emergency medicine
265 Brookview Centre Way
Suite 400
Knoxville, TN 37919

Pediatric hospitalist
Ayodej Otegbeye, MD
844 N. Thornton Ave.
Orlando, FL 32803

Lake Medical Imaging and Vascular Institute
801 E. Dixie Ave.
Leesburg, FL 34748
352.787.5858 (local)
866.365.0777 (toll-free)

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