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Infusion Center

We are committed to providing our patients with the latest technologies in intravenous therapy in a safe, controlled environment. Patients receive one-on-one nursing care that is personalized to their specific needs and in direct consultation with their primary physician.

The care team at UF Health The Villages® Hospital Infusion Center consists of many registered nurses specializing in infusion therapy, several oncology-certified and board-certified vascular access nurses, and pharmacists who are dedicated to providing safe and high-quality care. All infusion nurses are educated and credentialed by the Oncology Nurse Society's biotherapy and chemotherapy standards.

Special care is taken to ensure that medication doses are appropriate to preserve kidney function and prevent infection. Education is provided regarding treatment options and specific medications, including possible side effects and reactions.

"Specializing in cost-effective outpatient infusion therapy in a comfortable

and healing environment."

Our services:

  • PICC line insertion, management and labs
  • Infusaport access, management and labs
  • Peripheral IV insertions
  • Antibiotic/antiviral/antifungal treatments
  • Blood and blood product administration
  • Chemotherapy
  • Iron replacement therapy
  • Hydration therapy
  • Electrolyte replacement therapy
  • ACTH stimulation testing
  • Annual Reclast therapy for osteoporosis
  • Alpha-I Antitrypsin deficiency treatment

Call Centralized Scheduling to schedule an appointment: 352.751.8888

UF Health The Villages® Hospital Infusion Center
1451 El Camino Real
The Villages, FL 32162

Phone: 352.751.8788 #3
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