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Surgical services

When medical intervention is necessary or emergencies occur, the surgical services at The Villages® Regional Hospital offer a full spectrum of care from pre-operative, surgical and post-operative care to help get you back to health.

Our dedicated team is made up of experienced surgeons, highly trained nurses, surgical technicians, pre-operative and recovery room nurses, and experienced anesthesiologists—all working together to provide excellent care and personalized services to our patients and their families.

At The Villages® Regional Hospital, we offer support for emergency, general, vascular, orthopedic, robotic, gynecologic, neuro/spine, oncologic and arthroscopic procedures. Our Advanced Surgery Center and Outpatient Surgery Center provide services with a "patient-first" approach through efficient procedures, careful attention to patient and family communication, the latest advanced technology and post-surgical recovery care.

Advanced Surgery Center

The 36-bed Advanced Surgery Center at The Villages® Regional Hospital provides a full complement of modern surgical care, including advanced laparoscopic procedures, colorectal and endocrine surgery, surgical oncology, and urgent general surgical care.

The Advanced Surgery Center offers the convenience of a free-standing same-day surgery center coupled with the safety and advanced specialties of a hospital-based facility. All services are provided with a patient-first approach through efficient procedures, careful attention to patient and family communication, and the latest advanced technology and postsurgical recovery care.

With the full support of the hospital's services for specialized anesthesiology, on-site critical care physicians, diagnostic testing and access to a variety of medical subspecialties, the Advanced Surgery Center offers everything necessary to achieve optimal patient outcomes.

Orthopedic surgery

The Joint Center at The Villages® Regional Hospital offers a comprehensive, specialized continuum of care for conditions and injuries affecting the shoulder, hip and knee joints. Our surgical specialists pride themselves on taking a minimally invasive approach, designed to limit complications associated with surgery, prevent future injuries, and reduce pain and scarring.

Operating rooms at The Villages® Regional Hospital have some of the most advanced equipment available for use in orthopedic surgery, including special air-handling systems to reduce the risk of postoperative infection, HANA® surgical tables to perform the latest techniques for total hip replacements, and specially designed sterile helmets for surgeons.

With a program focused on wellness and rehabilitation, our patients are up and walking just hours after surgery. The caring nurses, dedicated joint care coordinator and specially trained therapists are all focused on speedy recoveries and making sure each patient gets back to the activities they enjoy most.

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The Joint Center at The Villages® Regional Hospital

Outpatient Surgery Center

The Outpatient Surgery Center on the East Campus of The Villages® Regional Hospital specializes in same-day surgical procedures that allow patients to recover in the comfort of their own home instead of staying overnight in the hospital.

The Outpatient Surgery Center facility includes 4 sophisticated operating suites and procedure rooms, where a variety of surgeries are performed. These include cataract procedures; retina replacement; podiatry cases; dermatology procedures; pain management cases; plastic surgery; orthopedic surgeries, such as partial knee replacements; and more.

Patients at the Outpatient Surgery Center pay an average of 30 percent less than those having the same surgery in a hospital setting. Plus, they are discharged the same day as their procedure or surgery, getting them home quickly to rest and recover completely.

View the TVRH Outpatient Surgery Center financial services information document.

Robotic surgery

Building on its reputation as a leader in clinical care, The Villages® Regional Hospital was among the first in the nation to bring the benefits of the new da Vinci Xi Surgical System to patients.

Robotic-assisted surgery is a breakthrough technology that allows the surgeon's hand to make extremely precise movements, revolutionizing minimally invasive surgeries and procedures.

The surgical system cannot be programmed; every surgical maneuver must be performed with direct input from the surgeon. That's what the da Vinci® Xi Robotic Surgical System is all about: helping experienced, board-certified surgeons do what they do best—with even greater precision.


Nicole Bairossi, MD
Board Certified General Surgeon

Edwin S. Menor, MD
Board Certified Surgeon

Farhaad C. Golkar, MD
Board Certified Surgeon

Kathleen A. Steepy, MD
Board Certified Obstetrician & Gynecologist

Adrian J. Finol, MD
Board Certified Thoracic Surgeon