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Surgical services

From precise minimally invasive procedures to robotic surgery and custom joint replacement procedures, UF Health The Villages® Hospital offers revolutionary technology and techniques to provide patients with the best possible care.

Our experienced team of surgeons, technicians, nurses and anesthesiologists performs more than 7,000 procedures each year. We pay careful attention to patient-family communication and provide a full spectrum of personalized services from pre-operative care to post-surgical recovery.

Advanced Surgery Center exterior

Advanced Surgery Center

Our Advanced Surgery Center provides a full complement of modern surgical care, including advanced laparoscopic procedures, colorectal and endocrine surgery, surgical oncology, and urgent general surgical care. Located on the North side of the Hospital, the Center offers the convenience of a free-standing same-day surgery center coupled with the safety and advanced specialties of a hospital facility.

With the full support specialized anesthesiology, on-site critical care physicians, diagnostic testing and access to a variety of medical sub-specialties, the Advanced Surgery Center offers everything necessary to achieve optimal patient outcomes.

Hyrbid operating room

Hybrid operating room

Our Hybrid operating room (or Digital Vascular Surgery Suite) is designed for complex yet less invasive heart and blood vessel treatments. From this single suite outfitted with the latest in technology, multidisciplinary medical teams work together to perform both traditional open surgeries and minimally invasive procedures.

The suite houses a GE Discovery digital imaging system mounted on a mobile gantry that moves along predefined pathways, guided by laser. With the touch of a few buttons, a doctor can move the system to the table to take pictures of the patient’s anatomy, and then move it out of the way to give the physicians, nurses, technologists, anesthesiologists and other personnel plenty of room for surgery.

The Hybrid OR eliminates the need to transfer the patient between procedures, reducing the risk of procedural complications, infections and OR time.

Robotic surgery

Our hospital was among the first in the nation to bring the benefits of the da Vinci® Xi Surgical System to patients. In a world where millimeters can make a difference, precision is everything. Investing in the most advanced surgical systems is part of our ongoing effort to give patients access to the latest technologies and treatments.

Robotic-assisted surgery allows the surgeon's hand to make extremely detailed movements, revolutionizing urological, gynecological, thoracic, cardiac and general surgeries and procedures to reduce recovery times and return patients back to their lives as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Orthopedic surgery

We are proud to provide comprehensive care for orthopedic conditions, from surgical intervention to rehabilitation. We strive to remain one of the most innovative orthopedic programs in the region, addressing each patient's unique needs with care. Our team specializes in innovative, less-invasive procedures to make your recovery as short as possible.